11 Best Free PC Software You Actually Need

When I first started out using the computer, I found most of the software as the paid ones. You may have faced a similar issue.

But with time, now there are many free PC software available which actually have the features you would find in the paid ones. These best free PC software can be used as an alternative to the paid ones.

Many of these software are not known to most of the people, but these free software can prove to be extremely useful at the times you need.

Today we’ve got a bunch of useful free software I think you’re going to like. All of them are at least Windows compatible, but some of them should have versions for mac as well.

You may have heard about some of them, but I’m sure there are at least a few new ones that you’ll be excited to hear about.

11 Best free PC software you will find useful are as follows-

1- Recuva

best free PC software

Recuva allows you to recover files that you’ve deleted, even if you emptied the recycle bin.

The reason this works is when you “delete” a file on your hard drive, the file isn’t necessarily gone immediately.

You can recover images, videos, music, documents, or any file type from any rewriteable media like memory cards, hard drives, USB sticks, and more.

What actually happens is that block of space the file was taking up is “labeled” by the filesystem as free space, so it can be used for something else.

This means that even after a file has been “permanently deleted”, a program like Recuva can still look to see if the file is still there and potentially restore it.

2- Davinci Resolve

best free PC software

This one is great for anyone who wants a top-notch professional video editor, that is also free of course.

For a long time, this program has been one of the best color grading software out there, even being used in films like X-Men and Tomorrowland.

Though it was exclusively used for just color grading, not editing. But now, they’ve completely revamped it and made it into a full-fledged editor as well.

It is the world’s only solution that combines professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects, and audio post-production all in one software tool.

That’s amazing. isn’t it?

Now as you can imagine, a powerful editor like this has a pretty steep learning curve, but I don’t think it’s any more difficult than any other professional editor out there.

If you want something you can eventually use for more complicated projects, this might be the best free option out there.

3- Speccy

best free PC software

“Speccy” simply shows you all your computer’s specifications.

It has a nice simple layout and the information is well-organized. The summary page just shows basic info about your main components.

Speccy gives you detailed information on every piece of hardware in your computer. Save time trawling through your computer for stats like CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics cards, and more.

You can also see real-time temperatures of critical components so you can easily spot problems before they occur.

4- Bulk Rename Utility

best free PC software

“Bulk Rename Utility” basically allows you to rename a bunch of files at once in different ways.

You probably won’t appreciate how useful this program is until you need it.

Now when you open up this program, you’re definitely going to be overwhelmed, thinking what the heck am I looking at. It has all your options played out in front of you, and actually, there are a lot of options.

Say you have a whole bunch of files, all with different names, and you just want to add a prefix to the beginning of them. Well, there’s a section where you can do just that.

Or maybe you need to change all the files from upper to lower case, or even just make the first letter of every word upper case. Yep, can do that too.

5- Rainmeter

best free PC software

It’s an awesome program for customizing your computer’s desktop, If you love customization as I do, you gonna fall in love with this program.

You download different plugins and “skins” which are kinda like widgets, that just sit on your desktop and, do stuff.

These widgets are able to show the current system volume to current RAM usage, or the weather, act as links to programs and sites, really anything you can think of.

There are thousands of plugins with all sorts of designs out there made by all sorts of different people or you can even make up your own skins.

6- Flux

best free PC software

Flux automatically adjusts your computer monitor’s colors and brightness at night in such a way so it’s less likely to mess up your sleep.

You may know that looking at computer screens, phones, and televisions can make it harder to fall asleep. This is because these devices produce lots of light in the blue-wavelength part of the spectrum, which your brain thinks is sunlight, which is the same color.

What Flux does is remove this blue light from the screen, make it look a bit more orange. This will be more helpful if you look at the screens at night.

Flux makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

7- Inkscape

best free PC software

Inkscape is a free and open source vector graphics editor.

It offers a rich set of features and is widely used for both artistic and technical illustrations such as cartoons, clip art, logos, typography, diagrams, flowcharts, icons, etc.

Inkscape is considered as the most serious alternative to Adobe illustrator.

8- Audacity

best free PC software

Audacity is a well-known free and open-source audio editor and recorder.

It’s used by many professionals including those that produce podcasts and it’s also easy to use for beginners.

In addition to the standard recording and editing options, it features multitrack mixing and plugins can be added to enhance its functionality.

You can use it to make your own recordings, remove noise, cut and combine clips, apply special effects, and much more. This way you can achieve truly professional results.

9- Software Uninstaller

best free PC software

Whenever a program is uninstalled, there are multiple files, folders, or Registry entries left on your system, which can cause various issues if not removed.

Reva software uninstaller removes programs from your computer you no longer need along with the files that sometimes get left behind even after uninstalling.

It scan your system to look for leftover files folders and registry items.

This software can be extremely useful in situations when you doubt that a program has not been uninstalled completely.

10- File Shredder

best free PC software

File Shredder is a software that helps you to delete unwanted files permanently from your computer.

Files removed by this process cannot be recovered by any recovery software.

This is an amazing tool if you want to delete any sensitive data permanently and you don’t want anybody to recover that data in the future.

This software helped me to delete all my personal data before selling my laptop.

11- Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

best free PC software

This software helps you to find duplicate files in your system and delete them.

It simply lets you detect identical images, audio files, documents, or any file type and take action the way you want.

This software can be very helpful if you want to free up your valuable space on your system.