Create Safe and Secure Passwords-Ultimate Guide(2020)

How to come up with strong, safe, and secure passwords? Well, I’m glad you want to know about this because most people don’t.

That’s why in today’s tips for staying safe online, I’m going to give you a few suggestions on passwords not to use and also give you some suggestions on how to come up with a secure password.

Lets understand first of all about the importance of passwords.

Importance of Passwords

People use to take care of the keys of their house, cars, and safe lockers. But they forget to take care of the keys of their online assets.

Your passwords are the keys to the online world. You have to take it seriously.

Passwords are not only about social platforms or websites. Passwords are also the keys to your bank accounts, online payment platforms, or other important sensitive information.

Create Safe and Secure Passwords

You must think about how much control do you have on your keys (passwords) in this online world.


That’s a great password if it’s the only one that you can remember.

The problem is, that’s probably one of the first passwords that those spammers use to try to break into your account.

So i hope you understand how important your passwords are.

Now let’s see the most common mistakes people do while setting a password and you should don’t do them.

Mistakes While Creating Passwords

  • Strands of numbers like the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 or 0 0 0 0 7 7 7 7
  • Important dates- like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.
  • Social security number
  • Pet names
  • Physical addresses
  • Names of parents, kids, wife, girlfriend, etc.
  • Mobile numbers
  • Simple dictionary words
  • “Password” or “qwerty” is also the password of some out of the world people.
  • Less than 8 characters
  • Using the same password on different platforms
  • Saves passwords on unknown or untrusted systems

You should avoid all the mistakes mentioned above if you are serious about the security of your online properties.

You may be thinking about how can someone get to know my information and passwords. Well, let’s see some of the very common ways by which your accounts can be hacked.

Ways By Which Your Passwords Are Decoded

Although there may be hundreds of unethical ways with which accounts are hacked globally. Some of the most common practices are as follows-

Create Safe and Secure Passwords

Social Information

The common mistakes while creating passwords as we discussed above are the major cause of hacking through your information.

In these cases, any person who knows you well can guess your password in one or another way with the help of information about you.

In some cases, unknown people may also collect your information and use it to guess your password.

This is the reason why you should not your personal information while creating your passwords.

Keystroke Logging

In keystroke logging, your stroke on keyboard keys is recorded. This way your complete keyboard action is recorded with help of which your password can be decoded.

This is basically done by installing some program in the background. It may also get installed if you accidentally visit some untrusted and unsecured links.

You should also avoid using your most important accounts on untrusted systems.


Phishing is a cybercrime in which targeted individuals are contacted through email, phone, or message. Then their sensitive information like personal details, credit card details, etc is collected.

Create Safe and Secure Passwords

Then your details are used to steal your accounts. If you have the same password on other accounts then those accounts also get hacked easily.

So, avoid creating the same passwords for all of your accounts as well as providing sensitive data on just any website.

Dictionary Attack

In the dictionary attack method, the attacker tries to break your password by putting every single word of the dictionary. Thus tries to match with your password.

That’s why you should avoid using simple and straight words as your password because they are very easy to catch.

So now you know what not to use for your passwords let’s talk about the 3 things that I actually use for secure passwords now

Tips to Create Safe and Secure Passwords

  • Long Password- Your password should have at least 12 characters
  • Avoid using personal info or any straight dictionary words
  • Include random words that make random sentences.
  • Include Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, and Special characters in the password.
  • Create your own unique random password with some unique info that only you know. This way it will be easy for you to remember.
Create Safe and Secure Passwords

For example lets say- My Mobile Phone Of 100$ Was Stolen On My Exam In December 2013.

The safe, secure and strong password according to above info can be- MmPo100$WsOmEiD@2013

You may use some password generators available online such as UseAPassphrase, 1password, Norton Password Generator, and others.

But I still advise you creating a strong memorable password by yourself.


The security of your online assets is in your hands and is completely your responsibility. You must learn from the mistakes and avoid doing them again.

Take control of your keys and be the master of your online world rather than being a victim.

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