EAT THAT FROG by Brian Tracy | Book Summary

Book Name- Eat That Frog

Author- Brian Tracy

Many people often make goals to achieve a lot of things in their life. But most of their goals never get completed.

Are you one of those people who wants to achieve big but feel lazy and overwhelmed when it comes to taking action?

Well, it is not because you are incapable in any way. It is because of your procrastination filled thinking.

It is because you are not able to distinguish between the most important tasks and unimportant ones.

Due to these reasons you often delay taking action on your most important tasks.

You must make a lifelong habit of identifying and acting on your most important tasks single-mindedly.

In the words of Sir Brian Tracy, first of all, you should “Eat that frog”. That frog is like the most important task you should have done before anything else.

In his book “Eat that frog”, Sir Brian Tracy has given powerful and actionable tips to increase productivity and overcoming procrastination.

Some of the powerful takeaways from the book “Eat that frog” are as follows-

1- Have clarity

eat that frog book summary
  • The biggest reason we often fail is because of the lack of clarity.
  • Lack of clarity creates confusion and gives birth to procrastination.
  • Procrastination delays actions due to which goals never get completed.
  • You must be very clear about what you want.
  • You must prioritize your tasks because not every task is equally important.
  • Be crystal clear about your most important task (your frog).

2- Have a written plan in advance

eat that frog book summary
  • The best way to be crystal clear about your goals is to write them.
  • Having a written plan helps in overcoming procrastination and removes confusion.
  • Write four lists-
    1. Master list- This list may include your life goals or goals you want to achieve in the future. This basically includes goals with long term view.
    2. Monthly list- Divide your master goal in months. This gives you clear planning of months ahead.
    3. Weekly list- Distribute the monthly goal to weeks. This way you will have clear information about what you should do in the upcoming week.
    4. Daily list- This includes daily tasks that need to be done to complete weekly goals. Make your list at least a night before for the workday ahead.
  • In daily tasks, first of all, you should finish the most important task (frog).
  • If you have two frogs to eat, then eat the ugliest one first.

3- Use 80/20 principle

eat that frog book summary
  • Understand that 20% of your activities will provide 80% of results.
  • Start with high-value activities (most important tasks).
  • Resist the temptation to start with low-value activities ( unimportant tasks) otherwise, it will become your habit.
  • The ability to manage your priorities is a very important skill.

4- ABCDE method

eat that frog book summary

ABCDE method is a priority setting method that you can use for your daily tasks.

Place a A,B,C,D or E tag before each task on your list.

  • “A”- Task you must do– This is the frog you must eat (a most important task for the day). If you have two frogs to eat, then eat the ugliest one first.
  • “B”- Task you should do– The rule is you should finish the “A” task before starting a “B” task.
  • “C”- Task that would be nice to do– This task will not have serious immediate consequences whether you do it or not.
  • “D”- Task you can delegate– This task is something you can delegate to others. This way you will have more time for your “A” task.
  • “E”- Task you can eliminate– This task can be cut out and will make no real difference.

5- Consider the consequences

eat that frog book summary
  • Long term thinking will help you to make better short term decisions.
  • You should delay low-value short term gratifications in order to achieve your long term goals.
  • Ask yourself these questions whenever you feel confused.
    1. What are my highest value activities?
    2. Which projects will have the greatest impact on my life?
    3. What is the most valuable use of my time right now?
    4. What is my biggest frog of all at this moment?
    5. What are the potential consequences of doing or not doing this task?

6- Prepare thoroughly before you began

eat that frog book summary
  • You need to be mentally prepared before starting out your most important activity.
  • Clean off your desk or work-space so that there will be things related to your task only.
  • Set up your work area in such a way so that there are no things for distraction around.
  • Have the body language for high performance- sit straight and sit forward.
  • Take a deep breath and visualize yourself doing the task calmly and enthusiastically.
  • Start the work and keep going until the task is done.

7- Develop a sense if urgency

eat that frog book summary
  • In order to complete any important work, you should act in a state of urgency.
  • If you will not have a sense of urgency for your task, you will be more likely to procrastinate and delay.
  • Set deadlines for your task. Set sub-deadlines for every step regarding your task.
  • You must have an inner desire and drive to get the work done fast.
  • Whenever there is anything important to you, build a habit to take action immediately.

Think fast. Act faster.

8- One thing at a time

eat that frog book summary
  • Focus on one task at a time. Work in the flow state until the task gets done.
  • To eat a large frog, take one bite at a time.
  • If your task seems to be big enough to overwhelm you, then cut it into small steps.
  • Stay away from all the distractions and remain focused on the completion of tasks within the deadline.
  • The deep focus will help you to complete work in lesser time.
  • The satisfaction of completion will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

9- Be your own motivator

eat that frog book summary
  • You must learn to motivate yourself. Make yourself your biggest fan.
  • Cheer yourself to reach the top of your game. Reward yourself for your honest efforts and success.
  • Refuse to make excuses, criticizing or blaming others.
  • Be self-dependent. Take complete responsibility for your goals, happiness, and life.


You can achieve any goal in your life. You just need to be focused on the process.

Having clarity about whats the most important thing to do at any moment is a beautiful skill.

This way you will be achieving all of your goals. Also, you will be having a great time to spend with people you love and exploring new things all around.

I hope you will achieve all of your master goals someday.

You just keep identifying your daily frog to eat and finish it.