Inner Engineering By Sadhguru | Book Summary

Book Name- Inner Engineering

Author- Sadhguru

In the modern world, even though we have access to more facilities than ever in history, but most of the people are still living in stress.

People are alive but they are not happy. Our minds are filled with so much stress and pressure that it is making people insane.

Many people are taking medicines just to remain sane.

We often forget ourselves running after so-called fancy things facilitated to us by the world.

All we need to understand is our own selves. To understand oneself one should be able to align its body, mind, and energies.

The method that is used by yogis and saints from centuries is revealed in this book called “Inner Engineering” written by “Sadhguru”.

The title of this book reveals the way that is to engineer inner self.

The author Sadhguru has written this book not to impose his thoughts on anybody. But he clearly tells that one should experiment with what works better for him or her.

The most important takeaways from this book “Inner Engineering” are as follows-

The Way Out Is In

inner engineering book summary
  • Everyone is looking for something more satisfactory outside, hoping that something more is going to make them happier, content, and joyful.
  • But this approach is completely wrong because the seat of joy exists within.
  • The desire multiplies every time a single desire gets completed. Desires keep growing.
  • The main reason is that the human wants to become limitless.
  • For animals, one problem is food. Stomach full, no problem. But for humans, stomach full, hundreds of problems.
  • That’s why we run after money, fame, heaven, and a lot of other things just to feel bliss and pleasantness.
  • People want to pursue joy and run away from misery.
  • But the source of joy and misery does not come from outside, both come from within.

Design Your Destiny

inner engineering book summary
  • These days “Destiny” is an overused word mostly in uncomfortable situations.
  • People blame destiny if something wrong or bad happens.
  • But if something good happens we want to take credit.
  • This habit of putting blame on something else for your failure is a trait of a failure.
  • You have to understand you are one hundred percent responsible for your life.
  • You may not control external situations but you can control your inner self.
  • Your inner being holds the whole universe within.
  • Learn to be in charge of your life and design your own destiny.

No Boundary, No Burden

inner engineering book summary
  • We are burdened with our past. It’s the main reason we are not living in the present.
  • We need to let go of the past. It is just a memory. It doesn’t exist anymore.
  • If you draw a boundary, you cannot move beyond ideology, caste, creed, race, or religion.
  • This will breed fear, hatred, and anger. The larger your boundary more burden it becomes.
  • Learn to take control of your reactions to external situations.
  • Rather than thinking about the past or future, start living in the present.

“An idiot is incapable of drawing conclusions. A mystic is unwilling to draw conclusions. The rest have glorified their conclusions as knowledge.” 


inner engineering book summary
  • Yoga is a science of being in perfect alignment, in absolute harmony, in complete synchronization with existence.
  • Yoga lets you create inner situations exactly as you want.
  • It is the source of union for body, mind, and energy.
  • You don’t necessarily need to become a monk or go to the forest to do yoga.
  • Yoga can be done anywhere. You need to forget everything else around you.
  • Calmly observing your breaths is the best to start with.

If you are willing, every moment of your life can be a fantastic experience. Just the act of inhaling and exhaling can be a tremendous love affair.” 


inner engineering book summary
  • Your body is the ultimate and most complex machine on the earth.
  • There is no more sophisticated self-contained instrument in the world other than the human body.
  • It functions by itself without much intervention. And the source of creation is functioning within you.
  • You observe the world through five bodily senses that are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting.
  • Our body is like a temple that should be taken care of.
  • Food to be consumed should be according to the requirements of the body.
  • Dimension beyond bodily senses is called self or divine. Yoga is aimed to enhance this dimension.
  • So if you use your body to reach the ultimate, it is called Karma Yoga.


inner engineering book summary
  • Without logical thinking, one can not survive. But too much of the logical thinking can prove to be a suicide.
  • So either you learn to live with the creation or manufacture your own creation in your head.
  • With the help of yoga, you need to find the space between you and your mind.
  • Once you find that space, you can take control of your thoughts otherwise thoughts will be controlling you.
  • At initial stages of yoga, the mind tends to be in a scattering state.
  • Slowly it becomes oscillating, moving to one thought to another.
  • With further energizing, it becomes concentrated or one-pointed.
  • The highest state is of consciousness.
  • Once our thoughts are organized, our body and emotions also gets organized.
  • If you use your intellect to reach the ultimate, it is called Jnana yoga.

“The only thing that stands between you and your well-being is a simple fact: you have allowed your thoughts and emotions to take instruction from the outside rather than the inside.” 


inner engineering book summary
  • Everything in the universe can be seen as just one energy. Separation is a myth.
  • The spiritual path can be described as a journey of evolution.
  • What you call “myself” is also a certain amount of energy.
  • A spiritual practitioner brings discipline to physical, psychological, and emotional processes.
  • Create a distance between yourself and the things you accumulate from the external world.
  • Find out what you really want by imagining yourself alone on the planet.
  • If you use your energy to reach the ultimate, it is called Kriya Yoga.


“Peace and joy are the basic requirements for a life of well-being.”

Sadhguru has given a very clear and practical way to get evolve spiritually.

All we need is to understand that all the joy, miseries, agony, bliss or happiness is in our own hands.

Start being an actual living being rather than a thinking being.

Bliss is in every moment that we live. What we are missing is just that consciousness.

I hope after reading this book you will experiment with the knowledge in your life and get the bliss you are looking for in this universe.