15 Most Useful Websites Every Internet User Should Know

Internet being an ocean of information have something to offer for almost everyone.

There are a lot of websites available on the internet. But we can’t approach every website. You must be interested in only those websites which can be useful for you or provide you some value.

Apart from social networking and entertainment websites, there are various other amazing websites that can be very useful to you as an internet user.

These free websites let you do the things that you would have thought to require some paid software and applications.

I promise these websites will be extremely helpful to you in some way.

You will be amazed even if you are new to the internet world or a regular user looking for some fresh insights into the world of the internet.

Here is the list of 15 most useful websites you should know-

1- Remove.bg

remove image backgrounds

This is an online photo editing tool that helps you to remove the image background automatically.

If you use to capture a lot of photos and edit them, then this website can be very useful for you.

You may be using some heavy photo editing software or a lot of mobile applications. But you will be amazed by the results provided by this free simple website.

2- Pastebin.com

paste long text and share

Pastebin lets you send your long text as a link.

This is extremely useful for students, office workers, and especially coders who need to share long texts with others.

All you need is to copy your text and paste it in the Pastebin. You can also set up the expiration time for the text you are sharing.

Then just copy the link of that web-page and share wherever you need.

When another person will open the link, all the text will be shown to them.

3- Alternativeto.net

find alternative to web stuff

Alternativeto is a free service that helps you to find alternatives to the software,applications and websites.

Its an amazing tool which helps you to explore the ocean of internet more deeply.

This way you can explore a variety of alternatives to the products and services you love.

4- Screenshot.guru

screenshot full webpage

Screenshot guru is an online tool to capture screenshots of long webpages with high resolution.

It is an amazing website tool for the people who takes a lot of screenshots while surfing the internet.

Normal screenshots are usually not of high resolution, but this tool helps you capture high resolution. The best thing is it lets you capture the whole webpage with no limits.

5- Vectr.com

vectr create free vector graphics

Vectr is a free graphic editor which helps you to create vector graphics.

Vector graphics are scalable without the loss of resolution and uses mathematical calculations to draw your design instead of pixels.

Vectr having an easy user interface will help you to unleash your hidden creative illustrator.

You can create 2D graphics for business cards, greeting cards, icons, logos, posters, brochures, etc.

6- Camelcamelcamel.com

camelcamelcamel online amazon price alert

This website basically tracks the prices of products listed on Amazon.

It is a price tracking tool you can use to track the price of the product you want to buy.

When the price drops, you will be notified. This way you can get a better deal.

You can also view the price history of products to get a fair idea about the product and value.

7- Simple savr

simple savr sharing

This website helps you to share text, links, and images in an instant between a number of systems connected to the same wifi.

This is very useful in offices and homes if you have a number of systems connected with the same wifi.

All you need is to open this website on all your systems. Sharing will get done instantly to all systems.

This is like instant messaging between systems but without any login accounts.

8- Filehippo.com

filehippo pc software download

Filehippo is a famous software downloading website that offers software for windows and mac computers.

It includes well-organized categories of software. You can also find the trial version of many paid software on this website.

Most of the famous software are available for free download as well.

9- Virustotal.com

virustotal-online check virus free

Virustotal is a free security check website that helps you to check the virus in your data.

You can use this website to analyze any website URL and any file (must be zip format).

The website will then analyze and detect any suspicious malware if found. This can be very helpful to people who don’t use antivirus in their system.

10- Office.com

microsoft office 365 online

This is an online platform of Microsoft office which enables you to use various MS-Office applications on the web.

This can be extremely useful in the situation where MS-Office is not installed in the available system.

At that time, you can directly use the MS-Office from the internet without worrying.

11- Prnt.sc

lightshot- convert images to links

This is an online tool to convert image into a link.

This website can be very helpful in the situation where you need to share some screenshots or images, but there is no option to send images ( like chatting with customer care, etc).

All you need to do is put the image on this website and convert it into a link.

Then share that link. On opening the link, the other person will be able to see the image.

12- DuckDuckGo.com

duckduckgo privacy browser

DuckDuckGo is an internet browser and search engine that promises to protect the searchers’ privacy.

It shows the same results to all its users for a search term. This is because it does not use the cookies to follow its users and does not store their information as well.

This can be a very useful browser if you are concerned about your privacy and personal information.

13- TomatoTimer.com

tomato timer pomodoro technique

Tomato timer is extremely useful for the people who work on computer systems.

It is a tool that is based upon the Pomodoro technique. It runs timers which will help you to be more productive and focused.

It is a great tool to finish the task in a limited time whether you are studying or working on some projects.

14- Tempmail.org

tempmail free temporary disposable emails

Temp mail is a disposable email service that provides users temporary email addresses to use.

This service allows users to receive emails at a temporary email address. This email address is self-destructed after a certain period of time.

This temporary email service can be used by users to login with various forums, websites, etc without the need of sharing personal email information.

Temporary email service is mostly used in order to avoid spam emails and keeping privacy safe.

15- WeTransfer.com

wetransfer share large size files on email

WeTransfer is basically an internet-based file sharing service which helps to send large size files with email.

Normally you can send files of about 25 MB through email. But with this website service, you can send files up to 2 GB free of cost.

This way now you can freely send big files on email throughout the world.