Think and Grow Rich-Napoleon Hill | Book summary

Book name- Think and Grow Rich

Author- Napoleon Hill

Think and grow rich is considered to be one of the greatest books available to humans. After 25 years of research on the world’s most successful people, the author has actually gathered the secrets of success and put those universal rules of success in this amazing book.

If you wonder how actually people become successful or reach from rags to riches, then this book will open the doors of hope and the road to success.

No matter at what phase of life you are stuck in right now, the kind of knowledge this book offers holds the power to change your life for a better future.

After reading this great book my perception towards success and life was completely changed. That is what I would like to share with you so it may provide some value in your life as well.

Some of the most important takeaways from the great book “Think and Grow Rich” are as follows-

1- Master your mind

think and grow rich book summary
  • Success and failure, it all starts from your mind.
  • In your mind, the thoughts you create will eventually become the reality of your life.
  • The biggest reason for our failure is that our minds are filled with negative thoughts. These negative thoughts are often fed into our minds by the people or society or external situations around us.
  • Further, this external supply of negative thoughts makes us talk negatively to our own-self. Due to this negative self-talk, we start to doubt our capabilities and then we lose ourselves. Remove these 7 negative emotions as soon as possible-
    • Fear
    • Jealousy
    • Hatred
    • Revenge
    • Greed
    • Superstition
    • Anger
  • The only way to master your mind is to master your thoughts.
  • Don’t let anybody’s opinions make you feel inferior about yourself.
  • You must take responsibility for the thoughts fed into your mind.
  • Be confident about yourself dear.

2- Burning desire

think and grow rich book summary
  • Burning desire is something that you want to achieve no matter what. You don’t care even if the odds are not in your favor.
  • It is something that is always in your mind like a purpose of living that you have to fulfill.
  • In the way of fulfilling your burning desire, there is no place for excuses to exist. Because success and excuses can never happen together.
  • For the sake of your purpose or burning desire, you must burn all the obstacles such as negative thoughts, bad habits, excuses, and ignorance in the heat.

3- Faith

think and grow rich book summary
  • Faith in yourself is the most important thing in the journey of life. Because you are the one who has to walk for yourself on your journey.
  • Without faith in yourself, you will be scared to take even the first step.
  • Everybody has thoughts, ideas, dreams, and desires. But without faith, they remain a wish.
  • Faith is the spiritual power that gives life, power, and action to your thoughts.
  • So have faith in yourself. Believe in your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and desires. That’s the only way to be yourself.

4- Auto-suggestions

think and grow rich book summary
  • In this world full of distractions, you must keep reminding yourself about your goal and your true nature by auto-suggestions (talking to your own self).
  • These are positive affirmations that will enter your subconscious mind and will dominate your thoughts with repetitions.
  • Make yourself your own best friend who has believed in your dreams and ideas. This will generate a feeling of faith and love for yourself.

5- Transmutation of sexual energy

think and grow rich book summary
  • Sexual desire is the most powerful desire knows to humans. Under the motivation of sex, our imagination, creativity, pleasure, will-power, and focus are at the peak.
  • Imagine if we could use the same quality of focus, will-power, and imagination to our goals, how pleasurable and great it would be.
  • In this way, the energy that we always waste in physical pursuits can be used for creative works in other fields of life.
  • Transmuting your sexual energy requires-
    • Will-power
    • Faith in yourself
    • Focus and determination
    • Elimination of all instant gratification cravings
    • Discipline and commitment to your goals
    • Consistency in actions

6- Organized planning

think and grow rich book summary
  • You must plan about how you are going to convert your desire into reality. For this purpose, you must acquire the required knowledge about that field.
  • The world is full of information, but every information may not be knowledge. Be completely focused and leverage others when required.
  • For example, if your desire is to be rich. This is how you must plan-
    1. Specify the amount (don’t make vague wishes).
    2. What are the things you can sacrifice to achieve your goal? (these would probably be the obstacles in the path of your success)
    3. Specify a precise date (make a clear deadline)
    4. Create a basic plan and start taking actions right away (don’t try to make a perfect plan, it doesn’t exist).
    5. Write points 1-4 as a statement.
    6. Read the statement every day.

7- Actions and Persistence

think and grow rich book summary
  • Desires are converted into reality by taking suitable actions.
  • Without actions, the desires are just vague wishes.
  • By taking action, you can avoid procrastination.
  • Once you start taking action, the next most important thing is to keep persistent in actions.
  • Persistence is based upon the following factors-
    • Clarity of purpose
    • Clarity of plan
    • Habits
    • Specialized knowledge
    • Self-reliance
    • Co-operation (team-work)

8- Biggest enemies

think and grow rich book summary
  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of ill-health
  • Fear of loss of love
  • Fear of old age
  • Fear of death
  • Negative influences on our mind

These fears are the biggest enemies of our progress. We all had some of these enemies in our lives. But these are just states of our mind.

The more we will focus on fears, more fearful and sad our lives will be.

The more we will focus on success and happiness, happier our lives will be.


This book have clearly taught us that all we need for success lies already within us. We just have to put some faith in ourselves.

Be the master of your own fate.

If you are struggling in your life and you want to live your life to the fullest, you must learn to believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter what people think of you. What you think about yourself is what matters the most.

I hope the teachings from this great book will help you in your amazing life journey where your dreams are waiting for you to hold their hands.