Hidden Windows 10 Tips and Tricks you must know(2021)

As a regular windows user, you may think you know a lot about your computer.

But until or unless you are an expert in computers, you may still be unknown to a lot of hidden features in windows.

Windows has been the most popular operating system in the world of computers. It has evolved so beautifully from its beginnings to this time.

With time, windows included so many useful features. But many of those features remained unpopular because not many people know about them.

But these not-so-popular hidden windows features are amazingly useful for a regular computer user.

The most useful windows 10 tips and tricks are as follows-

1- Virtual Multi-Desktop

Creating multi-desktops is a very unique and highly useful feature in Windows 10.

Most people try to multi-task on a single window which often creates a messy desktop screen.

But with the multi-desktop feature, you can simply create a number of new desktop windows.

multi tabs in windows

This way you keep your one sort of stuff opened in a separate desktop window and start working fresh on a new desktop window without affecting one another.

To use this multi-desktop feature- Press the Windows+Tab buttons

2- God Mode

In the God Mode of computer, you can get the supply of most important blessings (Settings) in a single window.

With the help of god mode, you can control all the major settings without wandering here and there in the control panel.

To enable the God Mode-

  • Right-click and add a new folder.
  • Rename the folder as- GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  • The folder will get change into a control panel button.
  • Open the folder and select the required setting.

3- Problem Step Recorder (PSR)

PSR is an amazing feature in windows that most users don’t know about.

Using PSR, you can actually record your actions step by step in the form of screenshots with written details of every step.

problem step recorder

To use this amazing tool-

  • Open the window from where you want to start recording.
  • Press Windows+R to open the run window.
  • Enter PSR.
  • Select start recording. Now your every step and every click will be recorded.
  • Stop recording and save.

4- Shut Down with slide

You may shut down your computer as most people do in a conventional way.

But there are other ways which are also equally amazing and cool.

You may use the shortcut keys from the keyboard as – Alt+F4

With this keyboard shortcut, it becomes very handy to shut down your computer in shortcuts.

Another amazing way is to shut down by sliding on the screen.

To enable this feature-

  • Right-click on the desktop and add a new shortcut.
  • Type the location of the item as – %windir%\System32\SlideToShutDown.exe
  • A shortcut will get added to your screen.
  • Click on the shortcut and a slider will get open.

5- CMD window background change

cmd background color change

CMD or command prompt window is not so commonly used by normal computer users. But almost all computer users may have used that window sometimes.

Command window is basically a black background window as you may have seen.

But many people don’t know that they can change the background color and its opacity as well.

To change color and opacity of CMD window background-

  • Open the CMD window.
  • Right-click at the header of the window.
  • Select properties.
  • Choose color and opacity.

6- Save any MS-Office file as a PDF

Many a time we need to convert a word, excel, or PowerPoint file into a PDF file.

For this purpose, you may often use some software or try online website tools to convert your file into pdf format.

But sometimes your file may contain some sensitive data that you don’t want to risk with third-party tools.

At that moment, the in-built feature of MS Office to save the file as PDF can be extremely useful.

This feature is not commonly known to many users. But this is an in-built free and secure feature available to us.

To convert the file into PDF-

  • Open the file (word, excel, or PowerPoint).
  • Select option- SAVE AS.
  • Select save as type- PDF.

7- Save Mobile Internet data

You may have experienced that when you use the internet on your mobile, data is spent slowly. But the moment you connect your mobile as an internet hotspot for your computer, data gets finished very fast.

The reason behind this is that the computer keeps using internet data for updates running in the background. And you left wandering where my data goes.

save data by disabling auto updates

To save the mobile data you need to disable automatic updates running in the background. This way your data will only be used on the features you use.

To disable automatic updates-

  • Press the window button on the keyboard.
  • Type windows update settings and open it.
  • Select advance options.
  • Click Off buttons for auto-updates.

8- Shortcut Keys for software

Shortcut keys enable you to open the required software without finding it somewhere on the screen.

It is a highly useful feature you can use to save time. You can set up shortcut keys for the software you commonly use most of the time.

With this, you just press a couple of keys on the keyboard, and the software will open.

To set up a shortcut key-

  • Right-click on the desired software.
  • Select properties.
  • Click the shortcut button.
  • Enter the shortcut key and apply.

9- Make Computer Wifi Hotspot

You can use your computer as a WIFI Hotspot to share the internet with others.

If your computer is connected to the internet with WIFI or LAN or ethernet cable then you can create a new hotspot of your own with that connected network.

make your own hotspot

To use this amazing feature in windows-

  • Press the Windows key on the keyboard.
  • Type- mobile hotspot settings and open it.
  • Turn on Hotspot.
  • Edit network name and password as your choice.
  • Use this newly created hotspot to connect other devices.

10- Rotate the screen

You can simply rotate the screen without going deep into display settings.

Just press the shortcut keys on your keyboard and boom! The screen will be rotated.

The shortcut key is- Ctrl+Alt+arrow key (for rotation direction)

screen rotation trick

When I was a kid, accidentally I tilted the screen while playing games on the computer with my brothers. And we became so scared that we didn’t touch it for a month. We thought some virus has damaged the computer.

I wish I could have known this simple trick at that time.

11- Take Screenshots

Many people use some third-party tools to take screenshots on their computers.

But you simply take screenshots with the in-built tool in your system.

If you want to capture and save the picture of the entire screen, then just press the shortcut key as Windows+Print screen

The picture will get saved into the Pictures> Screenshots folder.

To capture some limited parts of the screen, you can use the snippet tool.

Press the Windows button and search the snipping tool. You can capture a screenshot in rectangular as well as freehand.