You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero | Book Summary

Book Name- You Are A Badass

Author- Jen Sincero

We all are a badass from our inside. But the problem is that we hide our real selves somewhere in a corner.

We let the society and people around us to take control of our identity.

That is the point where you lose yourself.

When beliefs of others start shaping your decisions and life, you lose control of your life.

Jen Sincero, the author of this amazing book “You Are A Badass” has written the ways to discover the badass you always were on the inside.

When you truly take control of yourself (become a badass), you actually become happier, solve problems more quickly achieves success.

All you need is to hold the beliefs that empower you rather than limit you.

Because the beliefs you hold shape the decisions you take and thus shape your life further.

Major lessons to unleash your badass within from this amazing book “You Are A Badass” are as follows-

1- You Can Make Something Happen With Nothing

you are a badass book summary
  • The thing that stops most people is the fact that they feel like they have nothing and that excuse becomes their habit.
  • Although it may seem like you have nothing but in reality there’s always something.
  • You have to understand your skills or learn what’s needed and use your creativity to continuously progress.
  • Otherwise, you’ll just end up living the same life forever.
  • Remember you change your life only when you go from the state of wanting to the state of choosing to change your life.
  • But as an obstacle, we have a lot of things standing in our way namely ourselves.
  • Our underlying beliefs, thoughts, and ensuing actions have been baked in overtime.
  • We don’t realize that we just keep following similar patterns that lead to the same ends.
  • In order to change, you have to dig deep and really understand yourself.
    1. Why you are the way you are?
    2. Know where you want to go?
    3. Why do you want to go there?
    4. What do you need to change to get yourself there?

2- Learn To Put Yourself First

you are a badass book summary
  • To take control of your life you should embrace yourself as you are.
  • Do not let the people around you write your story for you. You must write your own story.
  • Start giving yourself some much-needed self-care.
  • Try making yourself your top priority.
  • You’ll not only be able to pursue your goals more effectively but will also start enjoying yourself.
  • This way you will also be able to make decisions that are in your best interest, all without harming and affecting other people negatively.

3- Don’t Just Talk The Talk But Walk The Walk

you are a badass book summary
  • People who do not achieve much are the ones who only think about doing things.
  • People who are considered badasses actually go ahead and take action.
  • Taking actions is what guarantees progress, not procrastination.
  • By acting on your thoughts to achieve your goals and ensuring that you leave no stone unturned you become the definition of a better person.
  • This way you’d be able to achieve whatever you want in not just your professional but your personal life as well.

4- Be Unapologetically Yourself

you are a badass book summary
  • Rather than being a poor imitation of another person, be the original you.
  • Do not be afraid of expressing the true form of yourself to the world.
  • Because if you are afraid you deprive yourself and the world of your potential unique contributions.
  • By giving yourself the freedom to be yourself, you can unleash a lot of opportunities and explore yourself.
  • Do not think about the unnecessary criticism which the world throws out towards you.
  • When you will accept yourself, you’ll be able to have peace of mind.
  • Remember peace of mind is important because it goes a long way in helping you achieve your goals.
  • Peace of mind is only possible if you commit yourself not to allow negativity in your mind.

5- Do Not Blame Yourself For Everything

you are a badass book summary
  • Do not blame yourself for everything that goes wrong but take responsibility where it is required.
  • You should stop playing the blame game with yourself for things that are not your fault.
  • By reacting consciously you’ll be able to shed the unnecessary worry of being responsible for unrelated situations.
  • But you will also gain the confidence to tackle everyday situations by knowing that you can control your emotions and destiny.
  • Remember if you want to live a life that you’ve never lived you’ve got to do things that you’ve never done.
  • You have to start by believing in limitless possibilities and unleash them being yourself.


Being yourself is all about embracing, caring, living, enjoying, and loving yourself.

Stop giving too much importance to all the stories made for you by society.

Start taking responsibility to create your own story by being a badass.